5 Best Mattresses if Your Budget is $1500 and Below

Buying a new mattress is no laughing matter. Just think about this: we spend more than six hours daily on the mattress, which means we spend more than 42 hours in it a week and overall, 1/3 of our lives on the mattress. This makes our mattress our own comfort zone where we dream our greatest dreams and become emotional over our painful defeats. Therefore, it is only right that our mattress is of high-quality to meet our needs.

This is why choosing the right mattress requires intensive research – almost as if you are buying a new car. With the overwhelming number of choices and the confusing articles you have probably read, finding the best mattress seems to be an impossible feat. Each person does have different needs, such as pressure relief, support, alignment, and other subjective and objective preferences. Some aspects of a mattress may be essential for you, but others may find them negligible.

Newbie Buyers’ Guide

If this is the first time you’re going to buy a mattress, the first thing you may have considered is your budget. With this amount in mind, you can narrow down your list of choices. But the price isn’t the only thing that’s important. In fact, there are two main approaches you can do when purchasing a new mattress – and these work well even if you’re a beginner:

  1. Lots of Research: In this first approach, you will need to devote several hours of researching to find out every piece of information you need, along with the specs of each mattress. Clearly, this is frustrating, difficult, and oftentimes very time-consuming because the specs necessary to determine the mattress quality are not easy to obtain from mainstream outlets. Plus, if you look at the websites of the major brands, they would often exaggerate their descriptions regarding their products. Additionally, many beginners find it hard to “translate” what they really want in real life terms because of lack of knowledge and experience.
  1. Talk to Experts: The best way to do this is to visit the outlets. These outlets have experts who work there and they most probably sell high-quality mattresses. Don’t be scared to approach these outlets; most of them are smaller sleep shops where you can find alternatives to higher priced brands. Some locally-made mattresses or factory direct outlets can help you save money as well.

But whether or not you are a beginner, it is recommended that you spend enough time and effort in finding the right mattress for you and your needs. You can start with the second approach as mentioned above, so you can talk to a number of salespersons or experts who can help you locate the mattress that best fits your requirements. Researching is also quite helpful because you can have the guidance to make the right choice.

If you live in an area where there are no good quality or value outlets or that your place is largely dominated by chain stores, your best bet is to go for an online purchase. But this still involves you performing some local testing to get a feel of the mattress and the materials you truly prefer. You also need to work with a knowledgeable manufacturer with the willingness and skill to help you make good choices, especially over the phone or over the Internet.

Some Beginner Mistakes to Avoid in Purchasing a New Mattress

While researching about mattresses, you will encounter misinformation or at least some partly accurate information about them, such as:

Memory foam mattresses are the future of mattresses, which could easily make people jump into the bandwagon.

It is true that many people love memory foam mattresses and they seem to be the most popular these days, they can become a risky purchase for beginners of this type of mattress. Planning to buy memory foam mattress involves determining details of the mattress itself, along with the density and type of foam used. Remember that there are other options for the comfort layers of mattresses, so saying it is the “future” is simply an opinion and is mostly inaccurate. In fact, if you talk to people who have a lot of experience in buying or even selling mattresses, they would likely present other options that don’t include memory foam.

Nevertheless, if you’re committed to this type of mattress, note that there are several types of memory foam and combinations of layering that can either make the mattress more suitable for you or provide a wide range of properties, including:

  • Density
  • Breathability
  • Temperature regulation
  • Ratio of elasticity to viscosity
  • Off-gassing
  • Toxicity
  • Layer thickness
  • Response speed

All the mentioned factors above can have a significant effect on the performance and feel of the mattress.

And here’s another common belief when buying a mattress:

Many people say the mattress will wear out faster, but because the manufacturer promises that it will last a long time, buyers eventually purchase the mattress. Additionally, there’s the warranty – and it is pretty good.

The warranty: it is actually a major trap for shoppers of mattresses, especially for beginners. The truth of the matter is a warrant has nothing to do with the life of the mattress. One mattress can last for a very long time, but the lifespan is not the real reason why a mattress becomes unsuitable for use. It is actually the softening of the foam, which is a very common problem with polyurethane foam and low density memory foam. Unfortunately for this issue, this is not covered by most warranties.

Even in the final phase of foam breakdown in which the mattress develops impressions, this is not covered by the warranty. Oftentimes, the warranty states a particular measurement of the impression, which is typically from 0.75 inches to more than two inches. The impression will be measured without the mattress bearing any weight and generally after the foam is given the chance to recover its original height. Additionally, there are other warranty exclusions that can easily invalidate the coverage, such as a very tiny stain.

So, next time you shop and look at the warranty, remember that warranties are only applicable to the manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, the most common reasons why people want to avail of the warranty to give them replacement for their mattress are considered normal wearing out of the mattress materials and are therefore not covered by the warranty. Those that are considered real defects typically appear early in the life of the mattress. You can therefore conclude that warranties are simply marketing tools, instead of serving as protection against the untimely failure of the product.

But you can avoid the “warranty trap.” To do this, you need to remember the following:

  • Know the WEAK LINK of the mattress
  • Know the details of the mattress layers – every last one of them

The specs of the mattress as mentioned above will tell you about the durability of the mattress. Don’t make the mistake of buying a mattress based on the warranty; rather, know about the materials to learn if it is really worth your money.

Here’s one more mistake you could commit:

There’s the name I recognize. I should definitely buy it.

Just because it is a popular brand doesn’t mean you should go for it without learning the specifications of the mattress. Unfortunately, many consumers fall for the brand trap – even though it is common knowledge that several major brands have poor value. Often, they are made to cater to managed and highly subjective environment, such as a showroom floor. So when consumers try them at a showroom, they are easily convinced. This has little to do with the real feel and performance of the mattress in the long term.

If you devote more time in research and not giving more value to the name of the mattress, you will find that these large manufacturers have poor value compared to better manufacturers that actually use similar or even higher quality materials without being expensive.

As you can see, mattress shopping is quite confusing – especially for a beginner. But even if you’re not a beginner, it is still not an easy task. As a buyer, you want to be smart and you want to look for a mattress that has good quality and value at the same time. You have many options, which can make it even more difficult. But with your budget and preferences set, along with your armed information, you will eventually find the most suitable one for your requirements without having to spend more time and energy than what you intend to.

The Best Mattress Choices for Your $1500 Budget

Taking the information given above, we have compiled a list of mattresses rated based on the following:

  • Value and quality
  • Type of mattress
  • Specifications based on value
  • Durability and longevity
  • Customer ratings and satisfaction

Without further ado, here are the top 5 high-quality mattresses that will keep you comfortable and meet your needs without you deviating from your budget:

Model Type Warranty Price Top Feature
1.       Amerisleep Liberty Memory foam 20 years with 100-day trial $1,199 12 inches of memory foam with three separate foam layers
2.       Alexander Signature Memory foam 20 years with 101-day trial $1,399 13 inches of foam with four layers
3.       Novosbed Mattress Memory foam 15 years with 120 days trial $1,299 CertiPUR certified memory foam with very soft washable cover
4.       Hyphen Mattress Foam 20 years with 100-day trial $1,299 Has its own unique Hyphen foam with antimicrobial foam
5.       Eve Mattress Memory Foam 10 years with 100-day trial $1,299 With New Generation memory foam to keep you cool at night and a washable cover


Why Pick from Our Top 5 Mattresses


To further help you make the right decision, here are more details about these mattresses costing $1500 and below:

  1. Amerisleep Liberty

Liberty is one of the numerous mattresses from Amerisleep, a company that manufactures the most eco-friendly foam today. Amerisleep is one of the few companies that are concerned about the health of their consumers instead of focusing on making expensive mattresses made from hazardous materials. Comfort is also their top priority as they revolutionize their process of manufacturing.

The Amerisleep Promise

According to the company, their users will be so comfortable with their beds that they can easily fall asleep 15 minutes faster than other mattresses. Amerisleep also promises that users will spend less time (an average of 18 minutes less) tossing and turning, so you can wake up alert, well-rested, and refreshed.

Specs Overview

Material Bio-Pur memory foam
Firmness (1-10) 7.5
Degassing Period Zero
Height 12”
Construction Three foam layers
Cover Combination of polyester, celliant, and spandex

 More about Specifications


Amerisleep Liberty, as you can see above, has 12 inches of height and has three distinct layers of foam:

  1. Top Layer: Designed for cooling and comfort and has three inches of Bio-Pur foam. This layer offers pressure relief for the user, while the Bio-Pur technology pulls heat away from your body to keep the surface of the mattress cool.
  1. Middle Layer: Designed for pressure relief and support with two inches of transition foam.
  1. Bottom Layer: This is the foundational support with seven inches of Bio-Core It provides deep compression support and foundational support for the whole product.


The cover of Amerisleep Liberty mattress deserves a spotlight as it combines the following materials in a very effective manner:

  • 21% celliant
  • 2% spandex
  • 77% polyester

If this is the first time you’ve encountered the material “celliant,” this is because it is a unique material made from thermo-reactive objects. What is does is it converts body heat into infrared light, so when the two work with each other, your body enjoys the following benefits:

  • Increased blood flow
  • More oxygen
  • Reduced pain due to improved body oxygenation
  • Better regulation of temperature
  • Better quality of sleep overall

Additionally, polyester and spandex are useful in enhancing the movement of air in and out of the mattress. At the same time, these two materials improve the elasticity level of the cover. Aesthetically, the Liberty mattress is nice-looking with its wavy theme on top and the tan mesh spreading through the side panels. The mattress has a simple cover, but it is well-done and looks truly modern.

Firmness and Support

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest, this mattress is considered medium firm. However, there are some consumers who think that this is on the firm side, so this aspect depends on your firmness preference and whether you have tried memory foam before or not. Nevertheless, Amerisleep went for a medium firm to try and meet most people’s needs.

As for support, if you’re a light sleeper, the sink levels will be minimal – often up to three inches. For heavier sleepers, expect more sink levels up to 0.5 inches or more, depending on the body type and weight. Still, Liberty does a good job at providing great support as it transitions body weight into the other layers that support the mattress.

Many memory foam mattresses have a problem with edge support. Liberty is somewhere in the middle as it isn’t that excellent, but is not problematic as well. It has enough edge support for almost everyone, so there aren’t many worries about staying on the bed.

What Sets the Amerisleep Liberty Mattress Apart?

Amerisleep Liberty is a very eco-friendly mattress, since the company focuses on crafting their products with materials that are plant-based. This allows Amerisleep to utilize petroleum in their mattresses. Since the mattress is celliant-infused, this enables the body to use energy more efficiently as the user sleeps. This is beneficial as this reduces the time you spend awake at night and you even sleep quicker than usual.

If you didn’t think it could get any better, Amerisleep processes their foams with Variable Pressure Foaming methods or VPS, which guarantees no emissions to the atmosphere. What’s more, the air from that chamber is transferred through carbon filters, meaning harmful chemicals are removed and air is cleaner than when it came in.

The motion isolation of the mattress is also noteworthy with many users praising this feature. If you share your bed with someone else, you will not be woken up by their movement on the other side of the bed.

As for heat retention, most people sleep cool on the Liberty mattress. However, there are also some who complain about the slow reaction of the mattress when it comes to absorbing heat and making you feel cooler. It generally takes 20 to 30 seconds before the body feels cooler. Although this isn’t bad, this can disappoint some people who expect more out of the product, especially due to the cooling materials used.

Smell isn’t an issue with the Liberty mattress, which is quite impressive since this is a common problem with memory foam. As for durability and quality of the mattress, it is easy to see that Liberty from Amerisleep can last for several years. It is durable, including its cover. Treat it right and you will not have any problems with keeping the mattress in its top shape.

Is The Amerisleep Liberty Mattress for You?

It is for you if:

  • You’re an eco-friendly person who doesn’t want to sleep on a mattress that smells like fumes and plastic.
  • You sleep beside someone and you hate motion transfer.
  • Cleanliness is important for you and you want a cover that you can move easily.
  • You toss and turn a lot and you don’t have a preferred position.


Overall Rating: 9.3

  1. Alexander Signature

If you’re looking into buying a mattress online, Alexander Signature from Nest Bedding is one you may want to consider. The company, like Amerisleep, builds products that are healthy. They use organic and non-toxic materials to make sure you sleep comfortably and safely at the same time.

Materials and Construction

The Alexander mattress from Nest Bedding has three kinds of firmness: soft, medium, and firm. The following details are for the medium firm mattress, which consists of four layers of memory foam mattress, rising to a total of 13 inches in height.

Layer Function Description
Top layer For cooling and comfort This layer is made of four inches of gel memory foam. With this layer, the mattress efficiently absorbs heat from the body of the sleeper as well as the surface of the bed. It then disperses the heat through the bottom and the sides of the mattress. This is also the layer that gives great support and relief from pressure.
Second layer For support and comfort This layer is made of an inch of visco foam, which provides the mattress great bounce, cooling, and responsiveness. Since this layer is directly below the memory foam, the mattress offers better comfort and support for the user.
Third layer For more support This layer is made of two inches of transition foam, which enables the mattress to give better support even for heavier users.
Bottom layer For better edge support The foundational layer has four inch layer of base foam that gives the mattress even more support, so it will not bottom out while providing improved edge support.


Alexander mattress has a cover that’s more traditional and yet pleasing to the eyes. The quilted fabric is made of polyester and cotton. The cover is like the other foams under it – breathable, so the surface where you sleep remains cool. What’s more, the cover has about two inches of foam that is very soft, so the mattress feels soft immediately when you sit or lie down on it.

What Sets Alexander Mattress Apart?

Firmness and Comfort

The Nest Bedding Alexander Signature mattress comes in three levels of firmness:

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm

The most popular choice is the medium firm mattress, which is 5.5 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest). If you’re going for the soft mattress, it’s 3.5 in the scale, while the firm version is 8.5.

Even if you go for the medium mattress, you will immediately feel that it is soft. Since the quilted cover has a padding of two inches of soft foam, it is really great to lie down on this mattress. You will also feel that the foam layers have enough support. Lying in a normal position will give you a balanced feel to it. If you’re worried about the sink levels of the mattress, you’ll see up to 1.75 inches of sinkage. You will feel a slight hug and adequate body contour. However, if you already used memory foam before, you’ll notice that the Alexander mattress doesn’t have the same kind of deep contours as with other memory foam mattresses. Nevertheless, there is a considerable hug, which can give pressure relief.

As for coolness, the good news is that it does sleep cool, but the bad news is it’s not something remarkable. This is probably because the mattress sinks to a level that is more dramatic than expected, it could feel slightly warmer. There are also more cover and mattress materials along your sides, so you can’t expect it to be cool. Note though that it doesn’t feel hot – simply warmer than some memory foam mattresses – considering that it doesn’t even have that substantial contouring feel.

Motion Transfer

Like most memory foam mattresses, Alexander mattress does a good job at absorbing movement.


Many consumers are quite impressed with the support given by the mattress, without even sacrificing comfort. It’s early this year that Nest Bedding revamped this mattress. The redesign allowed the mattress to become even better in terms of material quality, performance, and overall design. Perhaps the biggest change is the top cover of the revamped version. In the previous style, it had a quilted cover that had mediocre foam that served like a small pillow top. This time, the new cover has better foam that provides better pressure relief and contour.

As for edge support, the 2016 version has better support in this area. It contains a base foam layer that gives more support, so you can literally sleep at the edge of the mattress without worrying that you’ll get thrown out of your bed. If you’re going to sit on the bed, you won’t really feel much difference with the original model.

Other Information

The Alexander mattress is shipped for free within the US and is presented in a compressed box. Many consumers stated that it arrived in less than a week after their purchase. The offered trial period is 101 nights and the warranty period is 20 years. Returns or refunds (100% money back guarantee) will be given to you if you decide that this mattress is not for you provided that you request for the refund within the trial period.

Is the Alexander Mattress Right for You?

This mattress from Nest Bedding is exactly what you’re looking for if:

  • You want a firm, soft, or medium mattress since the company offers the mattress in three firmness levels.
  • You need pressure relief without sacrificing comfort.
  • You don’t want to sleep in a mattress that smells since the Alexander mattress doesn’t have an off-gassing period.
  • You want a mattress that offers a balanced feel: comfort, support, and bounce all in one.


Overall Rating: 8.7

  1. Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed has been in existence since 2009 and today, you can find their distribution centers in Canada and USA. Just like Amerisleep and Nest Bedding’s Alexander, this mattress is eco-friendly. They avoid using chemicals and materials that are deemed harmful. Novosbed also ensures that their mattresses aren’t found in landfills. Instead of reselling or throwing away returned mattresses, they give them to the needy.

Novosbed promises to provide a great experience while you enjoy the perfect firmness for your needs. They also strive to give comfortable and quality products comparable to other brands that are more well-known – but for a lower price.


The Novosbed mattress consists of the following layers:

Layer Function Description
Top layer For cooling and comfort This layer consists of two inches of ultra-dense memory foam and is designed to give the sleeper a comfortable and cool sleep surface. It also provides a balanced level of comfort, while relieving pressure between the mattress and the body. Because the mattress has bigger aeration holes than normal, airflow is improved and this layer guarantees a cool place to sleep in.
Middle layer For support and pressure relief This layer also has the same ultra-dense foam with the same measurement. It is placed at the center of the mattress, so you can feel the balanced level of support. Additionally, it also provides deep compression support and even responsiveness.
Bottom layer For support of the other layers This has seven inches of support foam and keeps the layers above it in place.


As for the cover of the mattress, you can expect that it is nice to both the touch and the appearance. The top layer has the following blend of materials:

  • 68% polyester
  • 14% silica
  • 10% modacrylic
  • 8% lyocell (Tencel)

As for the side panels, a combination of the following materials is used:

  • 57% polyester
  • 24% visil
  • 5% polypropylene
  • 4% silica
  • 3% modacrylic

The cover is clearly made up of different materials, but they all come together nicely so you get a soft and stretchy finish. It is also quite durable that it can return to its original shape no matter how much pulling and tugging you do. Novosbed mattress’ cover is also breathable and since it’s moderately thin, airflow is even more improved. An inner lining with a combination of polyester and spandex is present to help the layers of foam breathe much easier. As for the appearance, the cover is aesthetically pleasing with the traditional two-tone white and gray combination. It looks sleek and smooth with a flower-like design.


Novosbed mattress comes in three levels of firmness: soft, medium, and firm. For this review, we have focused on medium firmness with a maximum of 5.5 firmness on the scale. For the soft mattress, the rating is three to 3.5, while the firm mattress is seven to 7.5 out of 10.

What Sets the Novosbed Mattress Apart?


Perhaps the feel of the mattress is the most unique of all. Out of many memory foam mattresses out there, this one concentrated on the contouring hug, while others have an average level of sinking and clasping. As you lie down on the bed, you will feel that the foams are making their adjustments – but surprisingly, it’s not a fast transition. Therefore, it gives you balanced comfort levels as well as support. Many new users of memory foam mattresses find themselves feeling “stuck,” but you won’t complain that about Novosbed. You can easily switch positions as you sleep and you can feel very comfortable throughout the night.


No one wants to be sweating while sleeping at night and Novosbed did a great job of providing a cool temperature as the users sleep – even though the mattress tends to hug the sleeper, which can actually result to higher temperature. The top layer is porous, making air flow through the layers easily.


Novosbed offers balanced support. Whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper, you will feel the support your body needs. This way, you can wake up feeling refreshed without aches and pains.

Is the Novosbed Mattress for You?

This mattress is recommended for you if:

  • You’re looking for options based on firmness levels. Since Novosbed offers three choices on firmness, you can find what’s best for you. What’s more, this mattress comes with the Comfort+ Kit that can even reduce or increase the firmness of the mattress.You want balanced hugging and sinking that offers body contouring without making you feel that you’re trapped.
  • You’re looking for a mattress that offers great pressure relief. Novosbed displaces body weight and helps relieve unwanted pressure points.
  • You don’t want to spend more money than your allotted budget and yet you want the same comforts offered by most leading brands.


Overall Rating: 8.5

  1. Hyphen Mattress

Although Hyphen isn’t as established as the other names in the mattress world, this bed-in-a-box option is a division of Diamond Mattress, a veteran at manufacturing mattresses that has been around for more than 70 years. Hyphen mattress is one of your best choices when buying a mattress that fits your $1500 budget because it has been around to deliver great value to its patrons. The mattress looks stylish and does have a good pitch, so you’ll probably be eager to try it. But does it really hold up to its promise?

Hyphen guarantees that the users will experience better sleep, so they can wake up and look forward to a new day every day. The mattress is designed for those who have an active lifestyle and offers a universal mattress that fits everyone’s needs without paying much.


The Hyphen mattress offers 10 inches of mattress that comes in three different layers:

Layer Function Description
Top layer For cooling and comfort The top layer has two inches of the unique Hyphen foam, their very own foam that is designed to give contour and cooling for the sleeper. Hyphen foam is customized poly foam that pulls away heat, so the surface remains cool.
Middle layer For pressure relief and support Also has two inches of transition support foam, this layer gives support and pressure relief to the user. The middle layer also provides a balanced feel throughout the product.
Bottom layer For mattress support This foundation has six inches of high-density foam that also offers deep compression support.


As for the cover of the Hyphen mattress, it is a simple yet effective combination of spandex and polyester, which makes it responsive and stretchy. It is not only durable, but breathable as well even though it is not as thin as the other products on the market. Still, it is thin enough to keep the air moving in and out of the mattress, therefore giving you a comfortable and cool sleeping surface.

The design of the cover is quite unique as it uses blue, white, and gray, successfully making the mattress stand out. Most mattresses adopt the basic and usually the white and gray color scheme, but Hyphen decided to make this product different, embodying an all-gray cover with a blue and white bar right in the center of the mattress. The mattress is good for people with allergies as its cover is hypoallergenic and is dryer or washer friendly.


Hyphen only has one option in terms of firmness and on the firmness scale where 10 is the firmest, Hyphen is a 6. Upon initial contact, you will find that the mattress has a great balance in sink and hug. Plus, lying down on the mattress will allow you to feel pressure relief in your joints.

What Sets the Hyphen Mattress Apart?


The Hyphen mattress offers great support. It doesn’t matter what your preferred sleeping position is because it will support your body the way you want it to. It provides consistent alignment of the spine in many sleep tests performed by reviewers and customers. The mattress is also unique at contouring to the arms, lower legs, head, and other lighter areas of the body, just like with the heavier parts, such as the chest and torso.

The bounce and response time of the mattress are quite notable as well. Unlike several foam mattresses, Hyphen has a faster response than the traditional foam, especially when compared to hybrid, coil, and latex mattresses. Because of this along with the contouring pressure relief, the Hyphen mattress is an eligible candidate for those who are looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, a number of users have complained about the edge support of the mattress, which is less than satisfactory. In fact, sleeping on the edge or even sitting on it will not make you feel good. Worse, the support structures of the foams visibly collapse when you sit on the edge. Nevertheless, if you’re simply two to three inches from the edge, you will be able to sleep well. Anything closer to the end of the mattress will make you feel like you’re going to fall out of it.

Motion Transfer

All in all, the mattress doesn’t fail in handling movement, which makes it ideal for people who are light sleepers. If you wake up at almost any movement or sound, motion transfer is very useful because you won’t feel much disturbance while on the mattress.


Because the mattress promotes breathability and airflow, you can count on the mattress to be cool.

Is the Hyphen Mattress for You?

This mattress is recommended for you for the following points:

  • Due to lack of options and only one firmness level, this mattress is for those who want a medium feel mattress.
  • Pressure relief is important for you. The top and the middle layers offer exceptional pressure relief, so you can sleep worry-free and wake up painless in the morning.
  • You’re looking for a mattress that has better bounce than other mattresses. This all-foam mattress is surprisingly capable of delivering good levels of bounce and response time.
  • The mattress also provides a balanced level of sinking, which means that it can contour to the heavy and light areas of the body.
  • If you want to buy direct from the factory, this mattress will give that option to you.


Overall Rating: 8.2

  1. Eve Mattress

The Eve Mattress is relatively new, having only been around since 2011. However, there are already a number of happy customers mainly because of their promise that their mattresses are luxurious and yet reasonably priced. The process of buying the mattress is also simpler and there’s a 100-day trial that will help you discern whether it is the right mattress for you or not. If you don’t like it, you can definitely send it back and you get your money without hassle.


The Eve mattress consists of 10 inches of mattress with three layers of foam, which are given in detail in the table below:

Layer Function Description
Top layer For comfort This layer has a two inch memory foam layer that is designed to remove pressure from joints and therefore provide the support your body requires.
Middle layer For support The middle layer has a 1.5 inch layer made of polyurethane foam. Apparently, this has a lower density than the other two layers, which allows the mattress to breathe better. This promotes air flow and prevents heat retention problems.
Bottom layer For mattress support or foundation The base layer contains 6.5 inches of support foam, making it a very strong foundation for the mattress.


The cover of the mattress is made from polyester, so you can feel the breathable, soft, and stretchy finish. You will also notice that the side panels give the mattress more protection, making the cover a very sturdy part of the mattress. This is beneficial if you’re planning on moving the mattress.

Appearance-wise, the cover is quite unique with white on top and yellow on the sides. It is indeed colorful, but not everyone is pleased with the overwhelming color scheme. Still, it is not hideous and is actually one of the few that stayed away from the traditional white and gray combination. Additionally, the cover can be fully removed and you can use your dryer and washer for cleaning it.


According to the manufacturers of the mattress, Eve is the world’s most comfortable mattress available. You can say it is an outrageous statement because some people find firm comfortable, while others like soft and there are also some who prefer somewhere in between. The Eve mattress is a seven on the firmness scale of which 10 is the highest, so it is a little bit firm, but definitely not too firm.

If you’re not a fan of a firm mattress, you’ll still be glad to know that the Eve mattress is actually quite balanced and may even feel like a medium firm mattress to you. The top layer conforms to the body, but without making you feel that you’re stuck in the mattress. Older memory foam mattresses have a much slower response rate, so you end up feeling like you can’t move – but not with the Eve mattress. If you’re a back sleeper and with an average weight, you can expect the sink levels to reach up to 1.5 inches, which is not a lot. Additionally, the memory foam above the polyurethane foam gives the mattress a good balance between pressure relief and support.

According to some sleep tests, you can sleep comfortably on any position with this mattress. However, it tends to give more support for those who sleep on their backs and sides. Meanwhile, if you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll probably be unhappy with this mattress. Also, there are also some issues with the bounce of the mattress. Because of how the mattress was designed, this attribute is not given much importance. In fact, it was taken away due to the construction of the mattress. It is quite unfortunate, especially for couples who are looking to more fun time in bed.

What Sets the Eve Mattress Apart?

Motion Transfer

Despite the lack of bounce, it is still ideal for those who sleep beside their partner because of the mattress’ ability to control disturbance through movement. If you’re a light sleeper, you will find this very useful, especially if you have a restless partner.


Most people turn to memory foam because they don’t want to sleep hot. With Eve, this is not a problem at all as many of its users reported that they have been comfortable with the mattress and the surface stays cool.

Is the Eve Mattress for You?

You may want to look into buying the Eve mattress for the following reasons:

  • You’re looking for a medium firm to slightly firm mattress. Then, this mattress is a good option because it actually strikes the balance even if it is leaning toward the firmer side.
  • You’re looking for a cover that’s smooth and flat. The combination of cotton and polyester cover of the Eve mattress makes it not fluffy and there’s no quilted or padded soft top. It’s thin, smooth, and flat, so you enjoy a cool surface whenever you lie down.
  • You’re not really going crazy over edge support. If you don’t sleep at the edge or sit on the bed that much, you can go for this mattress.


Overall Rating: 7.6

And those are the top 5 best mattresses for you to consider if your budget is a maximum of $1500. You’re probably still wondering which to pick as your next mattress, since all the mentioned mattresses have their pros and cons. When choosing, remember that you need to determine the quality of the mattress and at the same time, think about your specific needs as well as your sleeping habits and choices.

Extra Considerations

You may want to look at some factors that could affect the pricing and the quality of the mattress. These include the following:

  • Shipping costs: If you’re thinking about buying a mattress online, shipping can add to the total amount you’re going to pay for the mattress. Remember that a mattress is not a small item and is very heavy. You can get a great deal from shopping websites or look for coupon codes that can offer you a discount. Some mattress manufacturers offer free shipping for those in the US.
  • Company: While the brand name shouldn’t be a huge reason for you to buy a particular mattress, it does help to know if the company is trustworthy. You can have a problem with the mattress after a few years of using it. If the company doesn’t have good customer service – even if the warranty coverage is attractive – you can’t really exercise your rights as a customer. Always go for the manufacturer with a good reputation, which is why performing your research is very important before you buy a mattress.
  • Reviews: Look for verified reviews from real buyers, such as in Amazon. You can find what other people are really saying about the product and this will give you an idea about what to expect.

With several options available, you should pick the mattress that best suits your style. Do you sleep on your side, your stomach, or your back? This information is actually vital in knowing which mattress to go for.

The five mattresses mentioned above aren’t the most expensive, but they definitely have great features that are worth your money. You get a better night’s sleep without spending more than you have to.

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