5 Best Mattresses if Your Budget is $1500 and Below

Buying a new mattress is no laughing matter. Just think about this: we spend more than six hours daily on the mattress, which means we spend more than 42 hours in it a week and overall, 1/3 of our lives on the mattress. This makes our mattress our own comfort zone where we dream our greatest dreams and become emotional over our painful defeats. Therefore, it is only right that our mattress is of high-quality to meet our needs.

This is why choosing the right mattress requires intensive research – almost as if you are buying a new car. With the overwhelming number of choices and the confusing articles you have probably read, finding the best mattress seems to be an impossible feat. Each person does have different needs, such as pressure relief, support, alignment, and other subjective and objective preferences. Some aspects of a mattress may be essential for you, but others may find them negligible.

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